• Showreel


    Collection of my work in last few years. I hope you like it!
  • Mate Painting

    Mate Painting

    A proposition for mate painting service. Now you can see what exactly I can do for you!
  • Life Of Legends Intro

    Life Of Legends Intro

    Intro created for team Fnatic and their web series called Life Of Legends. I really like this one!
  • Wellness


    Just one of the series of commercials done for Communis DDB, this one for Wellness campaign.
  • Fnatic Jacket

    Fnatic Jacket

    Another one of projects created for Fnatic. This one never was published.
  • IKEA


    Series of animations created for documentaries about Zagreb construction of IKEA store. But because of IKEA strict design guidelines, some of them was never used.
  • Mio&Drag


    A TV series identity for show called MIO&DRAG. I really like working on this project.
  • Fit Commercial

    Fit Commercial

    Commercial created for cookie manufacturer.
  • FB Intro

    FB Intro

    Intro that was originally created for facebook, but ended up as official youtube intro for fnatic.
  • Life Of Legends 3

    Life Of Legends 3

    Life of Legends session 3, Intro. Currently broadcasting.
  • Telenor


    This one commercial is done by me trough studio Fried Pictures for a client Telenor.
  • Plazma


    Just one of the series of commercials done for Communis DDB, this one for Bambi Plazma Najveca Plazma Ikada.
  • FB Unpublished

    FB Unpublished

    Intro created for fnatic, but never was published.
  • Kriminalni Recnik Korupcije

    Kriminalni Recnik Korupcije

    Some show pack sponsored by EU commission and ANEM.
  • 4d Building Mapping Nemanjici

    4d Building Mapping Nemanjici

    All animations are created by me for this 4d building mapping. It was done for studio called Ohillusions.